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Sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials used extensively in industry, medicine and scientific research can expose workers, the public and patients to risks that must be mastered. Radiation Protection is the set of technical means, procedures and controls to use reliable and secure sources of ionizing radiation. Radiation protection applies in respect of an evolving regulatory framework for the protection of Man and Environment in a spirit of sustainable development. Radiation protection is a vital link in the security of a developed society. The extent of knowledge required by the responsibilities involved training of specialized professionals.

The Masters degree in Radiation Protection from the University of Grenoble 1 (UJF) and CEA/INSTN offers a one-year specialized professionalizing training in the second year of the masters degree Health Engineering and Medicine. Since 2008, under the leadership of the European project ENETRAP, the degree became European Masters degree in Radiation Protection in combination with other European universities (CTU in Czech Republic and UHI / NHC in Scotland).

This unique professionalizing degree in France follows the Diploma of Specialized Higher Education in Radiation Protection, which since 1995 has trained two hundred professionals in radiation protection.